Top Online Guitar Lessons Providers

December 1, 2016 at 5:05 am

Learning guitar has become quite easy, but using free online courses will not help you achieve mastery in playing this instrument. Playing the guitar requires attention to detail such that any gap of knowledge will have a huge dent on your ability to play the guitar.

Best Online Guitar Lessons Providers

There are reputable, paid guitar training courses which are available online in which Guitar Tricks and JamPlay rank top.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks ranks as the first and the most popular platform for beginner guitar lessons. It boasts of millions of users and approximately 8000 lessons. These lessons are presented in an instructional series of videos which are in HD quality and easy to follow. In fact, the presentation is so neat and well-coordinated that it seems like the skills being taught are effortless to grasp. They are presented in a moderate speed that is neither too slow nor too fast to follow for a beginner.

Thus, you will be able to make the best out of the lessons during practice since the presentation leaves no chance of missing information.

The guitar lessons are divided into generic and genre-specific songs for a superior practice to arm you with skills to play guitar to classic songs and the best of rock songs.

In additional, the guitar lessons at Guitar Tricks has new content loaded every month, thus you will enjoy more and greater video tutorials throughout.
You will be pleased to find out that there is a bonus to these awesome lessons which entails a Song Builder’s Toolbox. In fact, is tuition on great songwriting conducted by Lisa McCormick.

You will also have the opportunity to explore a 14 day free trial of Guitar Tricks before committing to learning guitar with them.

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JamPlay is not really a second choice. It might be your first choice since it has a lot of high-quality lessons that easy to follow and understand. Although they do not have as much video tutorials as Guitar Tricks, they have equal quality and the added advantage of having extra supportive materials for each video tutorial. Besides, they provide an intuitive dashboard in which the user can effortlessly keep track of their stage in guitar lessons .There is also a great note taking feature beside every guitar lesson that is useful for the user as they interact with the tutorial content.

JamPlay is quite a cost effective platform for learning top-notch guitar skills. Their video lessons come in HD format and amount to over 5000 lessons with new videos of content being added every month. They offer a 7-day trial if you want to have a test of what the platform is like before you commit to taking guitar lessons with them. With JamPlay you definitely have access to the best online guitar learning lessons ever. However, most of the lessons are quite advanced and complex for a beginner to grasp. They are best suited for persons with prior experience in playing or learning guitar. It is a popular platform that boasts of over 400 000 users.

However, a determined learner will comfortably catch up quick and consume the high-quality content to perfect their guitar playing skills.

Bottom Line

JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks is a comparison based on objective issues but you must address your subjective needs to choose a perfect fit for your guitar training.

Both Guitar Tricks and JamPlay command high authority in the online guitar courses realm and having been in existence for several years with a positive reputation among users.